Soper Strategies
we eradicate mosquito-borne diseases


Definitive solutions are meaningless without permanency. Scale is key and elimination requires consolidation that leads to sustainability by avoiding reintroduction and establishment of disease and its vector. The tools for mon-itoring and surveillance have never been better than those we have today. Let's use them.
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Let the debate on DDT continue. Let the search for new insecticides for bednet impregnation continue. Staying in the treadmill of resistance equals denial of solutions that are environ-mentally benign and do not suffer from resistance issues. Biopesticides are available and provide unprecedented opportunities for green solutions to mosquito-borne disease. Read more...


History has shown that 'control' invariably results in lack of funding, donor fatigue, and resistance to insecticides and drugs. Resurgence of disease follows. Compromises don't exist, and complete vector or pathogen removal is the only definitive solution to mosquito-borne disease.


Elimination of mosquito-borne disease is impossible without an integrated approach. For every location we combine existing strategies in such manner as to make elimination possible. Sometimes this requires a multitude of tools, sometimes a limited package will suffice.

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