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Bonaire health situation analysis:

Dengue remains an important public health problem in Bonaire. Between August 2010 and August 2011, out of a total of 1,655 samples tested, 668 were found to be positive. Considering the fact that Dengue on Bonaire is a non-notifiable disease, it is likely that many more cases have gone unnoticed to health authorities. Moreover, considering the small population on the island, the situation must be considered as critical.

Dengue elimination strategy proposed by Soper Strategies:

The relatively small population of Bonaire, with an estimated 10.000 houses in the two main urban centres (Kralendijk and Rincon), enables a rigorously executed campaign based on source removal and larviciding, as well as the intense use of lethal ovitraps possible. We propose the use of novel control methods based on EPA approved larvicides (like Bti, pyriproxyfen, s-methoprene, spinosad, etc.). The Dengue mosquito elimination operations has five integrated campaigns, these being a monitoring and surveillance campaign, an elimination campaign, an awareness campaign, a waste removal campaign, and a PR campaign. We propose to incorporate this operation within the existing control activities based on PAHO guidelines (in collaboration with the 'Hygienische Dienst') and based upon intensive training and upgrading of current human resources.

Dengue on Bonaire