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we eradicate mosquito-borne diseases

An integrated strategy

Elimination of mosquito-borne disease is impossible without an integrated approach. For every location we combine existing strategies in such manner as to make elimination possible. Sometimes this requires a multitude of tools, sometimes a limited package will suffice.

Integrated Vector Management (IVM)

At present, in many disease-endemic countries, interventions to curb transmission, diagnose disease, and effectively treat infections are already in place. We support the Integrated Vector Management (IVM) strategy devised by the World Health Organization. We also note that never in history a mosquito-borne disease was successfully eliminated without vector control, with the exception of small islands where mass drug administration led to the disappearance of the disease pathogen from the human population. Vector (mosquito) control thus remains a vital component of any elimination campaign.
In most places that currently suffer from mosquito-borne diseases like dengue or malaria, it is merely the addition of an extra intervention that will lead to elimination. Against a background of indoor residual spraying and/or bednets, the addition of area-wide larval control may be the missing component that drives the disease to extinction (or in technical terms: reduces the basic reproductive number below 1). Around the world we see reductions in malaria and dengue in places where control is attempted. Sometimes major reductions.

We will make full use of ongoing interventions to integrate additional tools to achieve elimination.

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